"Dr. Griffin just taught us how to print money.  If that doesn't interest you, check your pulse... You might be Brain-Dead!"

-Dr. Sean O'Rourke, Cumming, GA, Bootcamp Graduate
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July 18-19, 2024 - 3D Printing Bootcamp, Ripley, MS

September 26-27, 2024 - 3D Printing Bootcamp, Ripley, MS

December 5-6, 2024 - 3D Printing Bootcamp, Ripley, MS

See Why Your Peers are Excited About The 3D Printing  Bootcamp

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Dr. Loren Robinson
"My staff is so excited to go back and implement everything 3D!"

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Dr. Drew Clement
"You'll be way ahead of the Curve."

Kendra from Dr. Whatley's
"..he has gone Step-by-Step...
I love this course!"

Dr. Mike Luminais
"..This is a Game-Changer."

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Dr. Sonia White
"Take this class!!"

Dr. EJ Tahir - Orthodontist
"It made the complex, easy"
"I really liked the projects."

Andy Lawrence - Lab Owner
".This is where dentistry is going and it will definitely save you on your lab bill."

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  • How to Cut Through the Confusion and Learn Your Best Options for Setting Up Your 3D In-House Dental Lab
  • How to Position Yourself as the Go-To Dentist for Advanced Services in Your Area without Bragging or Unseemly Marketing
  • Learn How 3D Printing Gives You More Control Over Your Lab Flow
  • Discover the Sequence to Diagnose Today and Deliver Digital Dentures Today or Tomorrow
  • How to Leverage Current Trends and Bring Clear Aligner Therapy In-House at a Fraction of your Current Lab Cost
  • How To Quickly Fabricate Surgical Guides for Implant Cases to Greatly Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • The Essential Equipment and Steps to Get Rid of your Messy Stone Lab and Transition to 3D Models Once and For All


Day 1 

  • Designing Your Own In-House 3D Dental Lab
  • Hands On Digital Scanning Capture and Manipulation
  • Intro to Basic 3D Software with Dental Applications
  • Model Creation Workflow A-Z and Hands On 3D Model Printing
  • In-House Clear Aligner Workflow A-Z
  • Review Case Studies

Day 2 

  • Intro to 3D Printed Digital Dentures
  • Immediate Denture Workflow A-Z
  • Immediate Denture Case Design Step-by-Step
  • Intro to 3D Printed Surgical Guides
  • Surgical Guide Workflow A-Z
  • Surgical Guide Case Step-by-Step



"Really enjoyed the course. Dr. Griffin was very open to discussion. Learned much more than what was on the agenda. Can't wait to get started printing!"

- Dr. Michelle Crews, Ridgeland, MS

"Greatest thing I have ever done in my life is come to this course. I've learned more today than i've learned in 20 years of dentistry."

- Dr. King Campbell, Pagosa Springs, CO

"Everything that was promised has been delivered. I left the meeting feeling like I need to pay again. Well, worth the time!"

- Dr. Alex White, Mobile, AL



Dentists have lost control over so many aspects of their practice.

3D printing solves so much of that.

Dr. Griffin has only one goal for the attendees at this event...

that attending dentists walk away with the knowledge and tools to start using this emerging breakthrough technology in their practice now...and finally gain control!

In 2009, Dr. Griffin was coined the “most efficient dentist in america” by dr. woody oakes after producing 3 times the national average in 3 days per week doing primarily high volume dentistry.

2020 gave Dr. Chris griffin the opportunity to rebrand his practice and provide more advanced dental services at a slower pace with an increase in profit and production due to the power of 3D printing.

Now, he is on a mission to help dentists work less, make more, and enjoy practice again by harnessing the power of practice automations to increase case acceptance and drastically lower overhead for advanced services like dental implants, orthodontics, digital dentures, and more.

  • 1998 Graduate UT Dental School
  • 2003 Fellowship Academy Of General Dentistry
  • 2010 Mississippi Dental Assoc. Humanitarian Of The Year
  • 2021 Fellowship International Dental Implant Academy
  • Published In Decisions In Dentistry, Dental Economics, Dentaltown Magazine, The Profitable Dentist, AGD Impact, Docs Digest, And Many More.
  • Host Of Podcast, The Dr. Chris Griffin Show
  •  Multiple Amazon Best Selling Author
  • Delivered 1st Ever Lecture On 3D Printed Digital Dentures In 2013
  • Founded the 3D Printing Association for Dentists


"I'm Ready to Reserve My Seat"