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3D Printing Is Now Revolutionizing The Dental Industry, Across the Board.

3D printing is already widely available at a fraction of the traditional costs of performing dentistry, without compromising quality, accuracy, or material versatility. Restorative dentistry is rapidly embracing 3D printing for significant cost reductions, time savings. and practice efficiency.

Our mission is to help dentists incorporate this technology that will positively impact their practices and their local communities.

3D Printing biocompatible materials is an innovation for the dental industry that's now well established, saving dentists time and money. This allows dentists to be able to give back to patients in need like never before.

Cutting-edge options are now available for digital impressions and have become the new gold standard of care. 3D printers use these scans to create so many devices dentists use everyday; like basic models of all kinds, clear aligner models, implant surgical guides, splints/occlusal guards, permanent and temporary crowns, and full and partial dentures.  Plus, more procedures are being added every day.

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"...My practice grew by 21% the first year!"

"3D Printing
Directly Grew My Practice by 21% the first year, and It has given me confidence in my practice's future.  Patients and staff love it and I'm not working as hard as before!  
This doesn't feel like regular dentistry."

- Dr Chris Griffin